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We create embracing digital experiences that are clear, useful, and motivate people to take action.

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About us

We are WebFolks

Ukraine based efficient team that possesses strong design & tech expertise. We focus on human-oriented solutions and quality during each stage of delivery. We are Designers, Webflow & low-code experts, and fans of automation.

Product design

We do user-centered design in harmony with business goals. From ideas and prototypes to the things that perform!

Tracy Lee Photo
Tracy Lee
CEO at This Dot Labs

I've worked with WebFolks for years and their work always exceeds my expectations! I highly recommend them for everything from UI/UX to illustration and concepts.

Conference app LetsChatWith
#Product design

Conference application

LetChatWith is a mobile-first application that helps to connect conference attendees by interest. We've created a design from the initial idea of 2 primary roles Oraganasers and Attendees, to the marketing website.

Compliance management platform - Qualtrax
#Product redesign
#Web application

Quality management tool

Web app redesign for compliance management software - Qualtrax that helps you prepare for audits, manage your documentation, do revisions, and accreditation. We've re-designed the app using the main UX/UI best practices.

Real-time cloud native integration platform - TriggerMesh
#Product redesign

Integration platform

We've been working on the product redesign of Cloud-Native Integration Platform in a Serverless World - TriggerMesh. We do changes incrementally and the first updated version is available if you request a demo.

My EOP mobile app of GCCKC
#Mobile app

My Emergency Plan App

Mobile app My-EOP is a quick reference application that helps keep your staff prepared for emergency situations such as bomb threats, fire emergencies, and system failures. Because it is completely customized.

Fleet Management App
#Product design
#Web app

Fleet Management App

An IoT web app for fleet management that tracks loads, gathers its documentation and sends alerts. We've designed the application from scratch and continue improving it based on user feedback and business needs.

Application platform for broker management - Netifi
#Product design
#Web application

Application platform

The fully designed MVP version of the Netifi application is created to view data about the Proteus brokers. The app is a control center that helps manage access keys for broker communication applications.

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Graphic design

Illustrations, Visual Identity, Branding, and even 3D. We make graphics that elevate heartbeats.

Tara Hampton Photo
Tara Hampton
Sales Operations Manager at This Dot, Inc

I've worked with WebFolks on numerous print and digital design projects. Each time I've been able to come to them with vague instructions and they are able to ask the right questions to help me get to what I'm looking for and produce high-quality deliverables.

Custom illustration set - TriggerMesh

Custom illustrations

Set of illustrations for a Real-time cloud-native integration platform that allows you to integrate and automate services together. See it in the context at TriggerMesh marketing website.

Pitch deck template Figma for This Dot
#Pitch deck

Pitch deck template

We have designed a set of presentation templates for This Dot Inc. The template was built in Figma with custom graphics and the ability to change slide layout.

LetsChatWith illustrations set

Custom Illustrations

Each illustration was made to explain the LetsChatWith app idea that is targeted to connect you to the conference attendees and to build a professional relationship

Custom icon set - PAM stack

PAM Stack icons

Set of custom icons for a new framework that helps in creating sustainable development teams - PAM Stack. Icons explain the PAM idea and approach for different end-users.

#Visual Identity

Branding & Visual Identity

A set of logos we've built for different products in various niches from a Figma plugin and Telegram bot to the tech conference and physical product.

White paper design - Hofy
#White paper

White paper design

Marketing materials for Hofy product that helps you implement a scalable, compliant, and cost-effective Work From Home program in under 15 minutes from your browser.

Presentation design
#Case study

Case studies design

A set of case study presentations that include custom illustrations and graphics for This Dot company. The design system with templates was built in Figma for further cases.

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We are Webflow experts and we create responsive solutions with semantic code, are performance & SEO optimized, dynamic, Interactive, and Integrated with 3rd parties.

Very thoughtful input in reviewing designs before implementation to ensure a smooth and efficient website build, as well as picking up on how we can optimize the UX. Always responsive to changes and updates. Great to work with and would recommend to any individual, startup, or established company looking to establish a world-class web presence.

Data Science and financial analytics lab - Alpha9

Alpha Analytics

Webflow SaaS website for the people-powered pension fund. Alpha Analytics is a Data Science and financial analytics lab. We've designed and built the website including branding, custom animation, and all the app interface screens.

SaaS Webflow website LetsChatWith

Conference app website

SaaS marketing website of LetsChatWith application that matches conference attendees by their goals and interests and allows organizers to improve conference experience designed in Figma and built via Webflow.

PAM stack marketing website

PAM stack framework

A new framework for creating sustainable development teams - PAM stack. We've covered the entire design process from the initial idea and app design to the marketing website that was built in Webflow.

WFH management platform - Hofy

Hofy marketing website

SaaS Webflow website that we’ve been working on for our client Hofy that helps to manage your remote teams from equipment rental to Health & Safety and compliance. Fully responsive with custom code solutions.

Cogoport shot

SaaS marketing website

Marketing website for the online container booking platform Cogoport. More than 50 static and dynamic pages were created in Webflow including custom scripts and migrations automation.

Production studio - Creatively Squared
#Company website

Production studio website

High-quality branded visual content images and video production studio - Creatively Squared. We've been assisting with design, Webflow development, and support of their web presence.

Brooklyn restaurant Otis

Brooklyn restaurant

Otis is the spot for delicious plates and cocktails, local brews, intriguing wines, friendly service, and warm ambiance. We've created the design from scratch following the Otis style and implemented it in Webflow.

Optimal Kommunikation shot
#Company website

Marketing agency

Custom web design and Webflow implementation for Sweden's most accurate direct marketing and direct advertising agency that does print and makes mailings and if you wish to follow up with telemarketing.

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Webflow interactions, Lottie animations, illustration animations, and video. We create animations that attract people.

Jordi Muñoz Photo
Jordi Muñoz
Co-Founder & CEO at Alpha Analytics

Super happy with the results and communication level. Folks assisted me to build an interactive website with a custom animation that clearly explains my product's idea. Mikhail and his team were very helpful and diligent, and we were happy with the results we got.

Podcasts Video Intro - Snack overflow

Podcasts Video Intro

Weekly web series about all of the foods suggested by the WebDev community. We've implemented the idea of snacks and tech and made it playful.

Circular economy animation. How it works

A circular economy

Custom animation for Alpha9's how it works section that explains a circular economy. Value moves fairly between younger and older generations.

Relayto custom animation

Hero animated illustration

Hero animation of marketing SaaS website for Relayto that converts regular PDF into interactive presentations. Lottie animation with later use in Webflow.

Ebulb custom interaction

Promo page interaction

Custom hero interaction for an emergency power LED light bulb - eBulb by Boundery. The website and the interaction are fully built-in Webflow.

Logo animation. Jason Akatiff

Logo animation

Personal brand development with an animated logo for video reference for a product brand creator, entrepreneur, and Affiliate Network Owner - Jason Akatif

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We provide custom Webflow solutions, create our own products, and implementing ideas to successful stories.

Wendy McDowell Photo
Wendy McDowell
Head of Product at Jamiak, Inc

Mikhail and his team are knowledgeable in their individual areas of expertise, professional in task management and communication, punctual and efficient, and just all-around nice people. As a project manager on multiple projects with them now, they continue to make my job easier and more fun. I look forward to working with them again on future projects, and will highly recommend them to anyone in need of such services.

Telegram bot - Flowbot
#Telegram Bot
#Own product


Telegram bot that helps to manage your Webflow collections via Telegram. You can manage collection items and publish them to live or keep them in drafts from your phone.

Boundery store

Boundery Shopify stores

Mobile-first, Shopify theme development considering a fully new design, performance optimizations, and conversion best practices that after all increased sales 4 times.

Figma plugin Paddi
#Own product

Paddi - Figma plugin

Paddi helps you to set paddings for a Group, a Frame, or a Component and keep it consistent over the design system. The only thing you need to do is specify the paddings and run.

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